red dot radio

Hospital Radio in Edinburgh

2 hour show every night

To request a song/record for a friend or relative: Call 0131 537 5353


Or e-mail:

red dot radio in action

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The Gallery - A little story about red dot radio

This is a story about about our little radio station and the adventures we had moving it to another hosiptal.

The Old Royal Infirmary Hospital

The Old Royal Infirmary(29 pics)


The start of building the new studios

Building a new studio - part 1(48 pics)

A typical charity event

Charity(27 pics)


More building work

Building a new studio - part 2(15 pics)

Building the old studio

Building a radio station(35 pics)


And even more building work

Building a new studio - part 3(25 pics)

Tearing down the old studio

Tearing down the old studio(29 pics)


How to lay a carpet

How to lay a carpet(20 pics)

The new studios are delivered

Delivering the new studios(23 pics)


Back on air!

On Air!(14 pics)


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